Word Unscrambler

Word Unscrambler is an easy to use utility that generates a list of possible words from a random word. This simple utility could be very useful to scrabble players or other similar board game players.…

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All SMS Collection for BBOS and BB10

All SMS collection is a very useful app that helps you get unlimited SMS messages of all kinds.   With All SMS Collection, you really don’t need to search all over the internet for SMS messages that can match the occasion you want to use it for.  …

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Google Chrome built-in hidden game

We all get this error screen that displays on Google chrome, every once in a while when our internet connection goes down or get very slow.…

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How to make a game with Processing (Game Development)

In this tutorial, we would be going into game development by creating a simple game using Processing IDE. The game features a bouncing ball with a Paddle to catch the bouncing ball.…

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Pin Pals – Meet your next date

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If you are an Android user and but do not have access to Google Playstore, you can download the apk here: [download id=”5719″]


Pin Pals is a social app that has been specially designed to help you easily get a date.…

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Finco Download Manager

Finco Download Manager is an excellent download manager that will take care of all your downloads from the moment you install it on your Device.…

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Facebook Auto Liker

Make your facebook automated with this light weight application.…

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Ever wanted to delete a BBM contact, but still want to appear on the person’s contact list?
Yes its possible and here is how to do it.…
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How to Increase the speed of your BlackBerry Mobile

If your BlackBerry Smartphone is running slowly, take the following steps to get it to work at its best speed;…

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Tips to Make your blackberry battery last longer

All blackberry users would agree with me that Blackberry is a smart phone with a very dumb battery. Anyway here are some steps you can take to get the most out of your battery.…

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Word Unscrambler for Windows

Word Unscrambler is a good application for scrabble players.   Its main function is to assist in re arranging random characters into meaningful dictionary words.…

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