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02Mar, 2019

I am happy to introduce our latest in-house project.   We develop a feature-rich version one of the most requested Apps on Playstore: Calculator.

About Calculator Villa

Calculator Villa is not just another free online calculator. It is a free online calculator that aims to solve all secondary Maths and Physics calculation problems.

Currently Calculator Villa supports 2 basic calculators, however, we are actively developing it to add more calculators including an advanced Scientific Calculator.

With your support, expect to see a lot more free online calculator modules here at Calculator Villa.

One of the best parts of Calculator Villa is that you have direct access to our developers. All forms of suggestions are welcome.

Our Plans for Calculator Villa

Currently, Calculator Villa contains just 2 basic calculators, however, we have great plans for it.  We plan to make Calculator Villa the one-stop market for all Maths and Physics calculations.   Calculator Villa would be composed of calculator modules.   Each of these modules would focus on a particular calculation type.   Think of it like an evergrowing Calculator with sub Calculators.

Future Calculator Modules to expect in Calculator Villa

Here is a summary of the calculator modules we are currently working on:

Maths Calculator Modules

  • Matrix Calculator
  • Simple Algebra
  • Quadratic Equation Calculator
  • Permutation and Combination Calculator
  • Basic Trigonometry
  • Percentage Calculator
  • Volume Calculator
  • Slope Calculator
  • Area Calculator
  • Probability Calculator
  • Ratio Calculator
  • Triangle Calculator
  • Number System
    • Any base to base 10 converter
    • Any base to Any base converter
  • Simultaneous Equation Calculator
  • Basic Statistics Calculator
    • Mean
    • Median
    • Mode and
    • The range of a frequency distribution4
  • Longitude and Latitude Calculator

Physics Calculator Modules

  • Vector Calculator
  • Wave Calculator
  • Motion Calculator
  • Calculator for Work Energy and Power
  • Specific Heat Capacity Calculator

Financial Calculator Modules

  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Loan Calculator
  • Auto Loan Calculator
  • Interest Calculator
  • Payment Calculator
  • Investment Calculator
  • Personal Loan Calculator
  • Inflation Calculator
  • Lease Calculator
  • Finance Calculator

Fitness Calculator Modules

  • Body Mass Index Calculator
  • Calorie Calculator
  • Army Body Fat Calculator
  • Body Fat Calculator
  • Carbohydrate Calculator
  • Ideal Weight Calculator
  • Pregnancy Calculator
  • Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator
  • Pregnancy Conception Calculator
  • Lean Body Mass Calculator
  • Healthy Weight Calculator
  • Pace Calculator
  • Protein Calculator
  • Fat Intake Calculator
  • Ovulation Calculator
  • Due Date Calculator
  • Conception Calculator
  • Body Type Calculator
  • Body Surface Area Calculator
  • Overweight Calculator

Unit Converter Modules

  • Time converter.  Example: Minutes->Seconds, Seconds->Hours, Hours->Days, Days->Years… and so on.
  • Distance converters.  Example: Centimeters->Meters, Meters->Kilometers, Kilometers->Miles and so on.
  • Temperature converters.

There would also be modules that show formula derivations.

This list would be regularly updated as we make progress with the App.   So as you can see, we still have a long way to go and we have big plans for Calculator Villa.

We also plan to include an interactive feature that has either not yet been implemented in any digital calculator available online now or is not very popular.   We plan to include the ability for the calculator to show animation on the steps it took to arrive at a particular answer.   It would mimic a human teacher.   This feature is still currently being researched on.

Free Download

Click the following link to download Calculator Villa from Playstore.

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