App Store Optimization (ASO)

What is App Store Optimization?

ASO is the process of making a mobile App more visible in an App Store. ASO is like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but for Mobile Apps.

Basically, users rarely search for Apps using the exact App name. Instead, users tend to use keywords to search for Apps. Example of such keywords is: “mobile taxi service”, “taxi services in Lagos”. The ability for an App to show up in the top 10 results for its target keywords determines how optimized that App is.

How important is ASO?

If you have a mobile App that is available for download on any App store, then you certainly need ASO.   Here’s a quote from the CEO of FincoApps

Owning a good mobile App without proper ASO is similar to a cute guy winking at a girl in the dark. The product is going to need visibility for long-term purposes and at a cheap rate.

At FincoApps, we think ASO is way better than the traditional online advertisement. Let us take Google Ads for example. You pay Google so that your Mobile App can show on top for certain keywords. This way, people see the advert a lot more and since the advert is targeted at certain keywords, they are more likely to download it.

With proper ASO, your App would be at the top for your target keywords thus eliminating the need to advertise. The good news is ASO is easy, cheap and lasts longer compared to traditional paid Adverts.

Also, one of the major drawbacks of traditional online advertisement is the fact that all engagement abruptly drops as soon as the advert stops. Unlike ASO, it requires continuous investments.


Our ASO Process

FincoApps is an end-to-end provider of Information Technology services. Our experience and approach are sure to prove to be a valuable asset regardless of the kind of business you run.

Due to the fact that the App Stores never reveal their search algorithms, we at FincoApps have taken the time to undergo some research and experiments with a view to determining what factors affect the ranking of Apps in App stores. We were able to structure a powerful ASO protocol with the data we have gathered.

Our ASO process includes:

  • Keywords Research
  • Retention Rate Optimization
  • Crash prevention
  • Reviews and Rating Optimization
  • Click-through rate Optimization