How to Upgrade your Pin Pals account using Etisalat recharge method (BBOS)

06Aug, 2016

We have been asked a lot of questions about how to upgrade your Pin Pals account without getting blocked on BBOS devices. For those who don’t know, supported BBOS devices include:

  • BlackBerry 9900
  • BlackBerry 9700
  • BlackBerry 9780
  • BlackBerry 9788
  • BlackBerry 9930
  • BlackBerry 9790
  • BlackBerry 9360
  • BlackBerry 9370
  • BlackBerry 9350
  • BlackBerry 9320
  • BlackBerry 9220
  • BlackBerry 9310
  • BlackBerry 9620
  • BlackBerry 9315
  • BlackBerry 9380
  • BlackBerry 9720

Upgrading your Pin Pals account is easy.   Here are the steps to do so:

  • Get 200 naira worth or Etisalat recharge voucher
  • Go to the upgrade page on Pin Pals and carefully input the 15 digits into the box provided
  • Click the upgrade button
  • Enjoy your upgraded account

The following would lead to the suspension of your Pin Pals account

  • Using an invalid recharge voucher
  • Using an already used recharge voucher
  • Using the recharge voucher after loading it on Pin Pals
  • Loading a recharge voucher with value less than 200 naira



It takes up to 24 hours for your recharge voucher to be validated however your account would be upgraded immediately.   This means that you might enjoy the service for sometime even if you input an invalid or already used recharge voucher, however when we detect that your recharge voucher is invalid, your Pin Pals account would be immediately suspended.


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