01Aug, 2017

The key to describing oneself on a dating app is simplicity, bearing in mind the simple anecdote that “less is more”.

Most people on a dating site or app need to decide amongst a great volume of users which one suits their needs at that particular moment. Thus, the way you describe yourself actually either draws people to you or away from you. In essence, you have to put your best foot forward in that 1-2 lines of description.

Steps to Describe yourself on Dating Apps

First of all, find a unique way of differentiating yourself from the crowd is to make yourself stand out from the multitude.

Another thing is that you should be upfront about what you are looking for, whether it’s a casual thing or one that may lead to a long term thing, be straightforward about it. But that doesn’t mean you should include a checklist of some sort.

Finally, probably the most important thing you should take note of is the kind of pictures you take or upload and that the situation presented in such picture accurately depicts the kind of person you are so that there aren’t any illusions or misinterpretations. Take pictures that make you seem approachable and fun to be with. Trust me, you’ll notice the change…


Keeping these rules in mind would ensure that you get the best out of any dating or social networking website/app (Not just Pin Pals).

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