Pin Pals – Dating App (Android Version)

25Jul, 2018


Most of our readers would know by now that at FincoApps, we were in love with the BlackBerry OS and we only stopped developing for BlackBerry 2017.

One of the Apps we designed is Pin Pals Dating App.   This is one of the Apps we are quite proud of.   However, at first, Pin Pals dating App was available only on BlackBerry OS.

We later launched a quick version for Android OS using Hybrid Technology.   You can check it out here Pin Pals – Meet your next date.

However, now that BlackBerry is almost totally out of the market, we decided to create a full native version of Pin Pals for the Android Operating System.   Pin Pals has now evolved from just a Dating App to a social network that enables users meet people around the world.

Pin Pals now has a lot of new features some of which are listed below.


    The beauty of Pin Pals is the ability for you to get chatting as soon as it is downloaded. The days of sending requests before being able to communicate are leaving. Now with this dating App, you have the total freedom to tell your crush how you feel without the need to send them any form of request.


    The Random User Search feature uses your preferences over time to learn about the kind of people you might fall in love with and automatically shows them to you. This algorithm has had a good success rate of helping users meet their soulmate.


    Just like the Real World, dating is not just all about talking to your partner, users can can also send virtual kisses to their crush at any time. When a kiss is sent, the user gets an instant notification linking to your profile.

And many more features to come.   You can read more about the latest Pin Pals App here:

We are also working on the web version of Pin Pals dating App in order to make it as accessible as possible.

Download Pin Pals now as long as you are ready to mingle.

Download Pin Pals Dating App

Also visit Pin Pals landing page to learn more about this awesome dating app.

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