Google Chrome built-in hidden game

15Apr, 2016

We all get this error screen that displays on Google chrome, every once in a while when our internet connection goes down or get very slow. What most people (including me after years of using Google chrome) don’t know is that Google has a hidden or not so hidden game rather built on this error screen.

All it took to discover it was my little cousins who always play around with the laptop, pushing random keys and doing crazy stuffs sometimes I wonder what they are looking for lol. Well I guess now they have actually found what they were looking for.

chrome game 3

All you have to do to play this game is pretty simple, just hit the [ SPACE BAR ] whenever the error comes.
The game is actually cool and kind of addictive, you have to control this tinny dinosaur by hitting the [ SPACE BAR ] to avoid obstacles by jumping. The more you stay alive and your score goes up the more difficult the game gets.
So there you have it Google Chrome’s hidden built-in game, this will definitely keep you busy and entertained until your connection comes back on.

chrome game 4

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