The key to describing oneself on a dating app is simplicity, bearing in mind the simple anecdote that “less is more”.

Most people on a dating site or app need to decide amongst a great volume of users which one suits their needs at that particular moment. Thus, the way you describe yourself actually either draws people to you or away from you. In essence, you have to put your best foot forward in that 1-2 lines of description.

First of all, find a unique way of differentiating yourself from the crowd. Make yourself stand out from the multitude.

Another thing is that you should be upfront about what you are looking for, whether it’s a casual thing or one that may lead to a long term thing, be straightforward about it. But that doesn’t mean you should include a checklist of some sort.

Finally, probably the most important thing you should take note of is the kind of pictures you take or upload and that the situation presented in such picture accurately depicts the kind of person you are so that there aren’t any illusions or misinterpretations. Take pictures that make you seem approachable and fun to be with. Trust me, you’ll notice the change…

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Switching between multiple Screens in a Processing game

In this tutorial, we would be adding a Menu screen and a game over screen to the bouncing ball game that was created in the last tutorial.   So make sure you download the .pde file from the last post.

Here’s what we will be creating:

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How to prevent default context menu in hybrid apps on BlackBerry

Hybrid applications are really nice because of the “code once, build all” philosophy. However, since Hybrid apps are actually web apps, they tend to show a context menu when a user tap and holds some elements like links, images or texts.   Hybrid app developers would agree with me that this context menu is pretty ugly in apps, so it’s best to just remove them.

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How to get more positive review on your apps on Appstores

If you are a developer and have your apps on any of the App stores, you would agree with me that it is not really easy to get positive reviews on your apps regardless of how great the app is.   Getting positive reviews on your app is really important for the growth of the app especially in stores like Google Playstore where App reviews are also considered in the search algorithm.

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Google Chrome built-in hidden game

We all get this error screen that displays on Google chrome, every once in a while when our internet connection goes down or get very slow. What most people (including me after years of using Google chrome) don’t know is that Google has a hidden or not so hidden game rather built on this error screen.

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How to create a simple game with Processing

In this tutorial, we would be creating a simple game in Processing that features a bouncing ball with a Paddle to catch the bouncing ball. In order to understand this tutorial, you need to have a basic knowledge of programming, preferably in Java.

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How to Increase the speed of your BlackBerry Mobile

If your BlackBerry Smartphone is running slowly, take the following steps to get it to work at its best speed;

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Tips to Make your blackberry battery last longer

All blackberry users would agree with me that Blackberry is a smart phone with a very dumb battery. Anyway here are some steps you can take to get the most out of your battery.

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How to Hack Windows 7 and Windows 8 Password Screen

This is a simple walk-through to change a windows 7 or 8 password without knowing the previous password.

Note Before: You would need to have access to the system to perform this hack.

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