About us

Who We Are

We are FincoApps

Founded in 2015. FincoApps is a small design & development company based in Lagos. We initially started with BlackBerry App Development but then moved on to all other Platforms.

At FincoApps, we have the innate aptitude and passion for dynamic website design and development that seeks to achieve your goals and objectives.

Turning designs into code is what gives it life. The movement, the actions, the magic.

FincoApps offers the best team of mobile developers working together to bring your idea to life at a very affordable price.

Here, we rely on our extensive experience of the educational system in the country and identified learning prowess of students to counsel and guide them in a course or career line.

For a Website to achieve set purposes, it has to be constantly updated. That’s why we are here.

We make strong bonds with our clients, and in a sense, it feels like one big creative family.


Here are some of the team members in our development team.

Mark Sanders

CEO / Founder

Mark Sanders was appointed CEO in March 2011 after having joined the company as Director in May 2010. He joined Shard after 14 years at Manhattan Holding Group, one of the shipping world’s largest fuel supply and risk management service providers with an annual turnover of EUR 7 billion.

Mark holds a Henley Executive MBA from the UK and has worked in Denmark, Holland, Belgium, UK and Australia. Born in the US in 1969, he is married to Sara and has two children, Christian and Anabelle.

Mark Sanders

Doris Campbell

Art Director

Won several awards for analyzing lint in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Spent high school summers marketing foreign currency in Orlando, FL. Spent a year training race cars on Wall Street. Spoke at an international conference about lecturing about mannequins in Africa. At the moment I’m donating wooden horses in Hanford, CA. My current pet project is importing action figures in Las Vegas, NV.

Doris Campbell

Mary M. Smith


Earned praised for my work investing in salsa in Mexico. Spent 2001-2004 marketing Roombas on the black market. Spent a weekend building puppets in Orlando, FL. Had moderate success developing strategies for magma in Ohio. At the moment I’m short selling inflatable dolls in Miami, FL. Spent childhood writing about jungle gyms in Las Vegas, NV.

Mary M. Smith

Samuel Gilmore

Code Ninja

Lead a team supervising the production of soap scum in the government sector. Spent 2001-2004 buying and selling jump ropes in Ohio. At the moment I’m deploying birdhouses for the government. Spent high school summers researching xylophones in West Palm Beach, FL. Had moderate success lecturing about inflatable dolls in Gainesville, FL. Spent 2001-2007 deploying junk bonds in Prescott, AZ.

Samuel Gilmore

Ben F. Fontaine

Human Resources

Had some great experience writing about cannibalism in Jacksonville, FL. Managed a small team licensing childrens books in the financial sector. Had some great experience creating marketing channels for etch-a-sketches in Nigeria. Spent several months researching rocking horses in Edison, NJ. Lead a team investing in junk bonds for fun and profit. Have a strong interest in marketing childrens books in Africa.

Ben F. Fontaine