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  • Website repair/recovery
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Every business today needs to be very mindful of security especially when your Website or Mobile App at some point might require sensitive information like user’s personal details or credit cards. A compromise in cases like this could be very disastrous and embarassing to the business.
At FincoApps, we can help you Pentest your Website or Mobile App to see if there are bugs backdoors, vulnerabilities etc.


Have been hacked or locked out of your Website/App already ? Has your Website been defaced ? Or maybe you just suspect a breake in. Not to worry, we can help you regain full control. Simply fill the forthis page and we would get back to you as soon as possible.



  • Tell us your idea and your budget.
  • We set up a meeting to understand you more.
  • We send you a quotation.
  • We bring your idea to life.


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