Marital Blues

28May, 2017

Project Description

Marital Blues is an App where couples can come and share stories/issues about their relationship. There are a lot of people with issues in their relationship but they keep it in because there's no one to tell. With Marital Blues, you can post these issues and get advice from others. Also the best part is that stories can be posted as Anonymous so your name does not really need to be exposed. FEATURES ✔ ABILITY TO POST STORIES ANONYMOUSLY ✔ Absolute control of your profile privacy ✔ Ability to like stories ✔ Ability to write stories at anytime ✔ Ability to comment on stories ✔ Ability to share stories everywhere ✔ Ability to follow/unfollow stories of your choice ✔ Ability to follow your favorite user ✔ Many more upcoming features ✔ SWEET AND INTERESTING UI DOWNLOAD THIS APP NOW AND STOP BEING LONELYY

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Project Date:

May 28, 2017

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