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28May, 2017

Adebola Idowu

Adebola Idowu is a transformational coach. She inspires, motivate and transform.
With this Website, you can get in touch with her and also follow her inspirational posts/videos…

28May, 2017

The Academic Monographs

The Academic Monographs (TAM) is a mobile application designed to provide academic materials and resources for students and researchers.

Recent research shows that students spend more time with their phones than they do reading.

28May, 2017

Goal Digger

Improve your productivity yearly

Set your annual goals and track performances using the most practical, personalised and customisable platform. This productivity tool will;
⦿   Help you develop a high-performance mindset which is essential to reach your full potential.…

28May, 2017

Marital Blues

Marital Blues is an App where couples can come and share stories/issues about their relationship.

There are a lot of people with issues in their relationship but they keep it in because there’s no one to tell.…

20Aug, 2016

Finco WordPad

Finco WordPad is a mobile text editor right on your BlackBerry device.
It is equipped with the following features

– Can open the text representation of all files.…

11Aug, 2016

Facebook Like Bot

Facebook AutoLike gives you the ability to instantly like all Posts, Comments and pictures on a page on Facebook.   It has an inbuilt mini browser and a status bar to help you track what you are doing.…

28Apr, 2016

Scrabble CHEATER

Scrabble CHEATER is an easy to use utility that generates a list of possible words from a random word. This simple utility could be very useful to scrabble players or other similar board game players.…

28Apr, 2016


Use this small app to get sms for all categories including Naughty sms, Love sms and many other categories. With Love Sms Collection, you don’t need to go in search of sms from the internet.…

25Mar, 2016

Pin Pals – Meet your next date

Pin Pals is a social app that has been specially designed to help you easily get a date. Just register with your basic details and let Pin Pals use its very intelligent system to do the match making 🙂


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