Gitfare is a decentralized transport network looking to reshape the future of transportation! We all know the likes of Uber,Lyft Easy taxi Etc. These are middlemen that connects driver to passenger!!

What if the middlemen decide to shut down? What if the middlemen cannot give full accountability of the drivers and control them!!

This is the reason for the development of GITFARE!

In this project, we at fincoapps want to take away the centralised ecosystem of transportation and give authority to the people in deciding which driver is the bestย , hence enabling passengers to best know the driver to select for their trip!

What do I mean?
In GITFARE ecosystem, drivers list on their profile the routes they go to and their current location and give and indication if they are on the field(ready for work), in transition (currently carrying a passenger) and off the field (not ready for work)!

On the profile of the drivers, there is a comment section of past users that give report on the efficiency or negligence of the driver!

All payments are made through ethereum from passenger to driver after each successful trip which would be posted on the ethereum blockchain!

The aim of the company is to decentralize transportation(removing middlemen)using the ethereum blockchain network and increasing the popularity of ethereum use in the world!


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